Welcome To Old 1 Step Transfer

We provide access to moving critical patients from one facility to another. We provide the specialty care needed for safe and accurate transfers. Our center is open 24/7 and staffed by registered nurses. We act upon referrals from physicians requesting to move a patient from one location to the other.

Our purpose

  • - Establish a point of contact for referring physicians who want to transfer patients from one hospital to another.
  • - We connect the referring physicians and the patients to our special transfer service.
  • - We use a multidisciplinary approach for coordinating with the physicians. Bed management, transfer center, financial services, and more.
  • - We obtain and share clinical information for a safe and efficient transfer process.
  • - We limit the potential financial liability for all the parties involved.
  • - We help patients in maintaining compliance with the state and federal access health care laws.
  • - We provide medical record documentation that includes the discharge summary and the different imaging studies.

Our center helps you to access doctors, nurses, case managers, financial counselors, social workers and other members of the team. We evaluate the needs of every patient and make sure that proper care is given to them. Each year we help to transfer thousands of patients from one facility to another. We make transfer requests depending on the availability of resources and the patient’s urgency. In every step of our process, we ensure that patients are safely transferred from one medical facility to the other. Call us if you need a reliable patient transfer service.

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